Doug West – Over 20 Years Helping Business Owners Grow

Doug West of Moyers, Oklahoma has been helping businesses online since 1997. Home businesses as well as brick and mortar. He specializes in SEO and online video promotion for his customers. West says that his Kosoma LLC can get videos ranked in the search faster than web pages, and that if done correctly they can also help your web site improve search rankings.

Doug West of Kosoma Publishing has had good and bad experiences online. “The problem is that any person – even your competitors – can get online and say anything about you. You have web sites like Ripoff Report that will post anything negative on you or anybody” explained West.

“We have had that experience with our own business. Turns out it was a guy that took an online trading class we were offering and then decided he wanted to sell his own trading training (which was a violation of the contract he signed with us). His marketing plan was to defame us and then steal our students and affiliates. A few of our students did go with him, but most of them came back and told us the guy was crazy. He was in business for a few months, but has now faded out of sight” West told us.

The problem is that those negative things with Ripoff Report stay online forever! For some reason Google really likes negative reports and they keep them high in the search ranks. Ripoff Report has caused a whole industry of companies who sell services to get your Ripoff Report negative articles taken down! Ripoff Report now sells it’s own service to take down your negative reports. Many are calling it a scam of it’s own – a criminal extortion scam by it’s owner Ed Magedson.

Doug West of Kosoma Publishing LLC now uses his experience with Ripoff Report to help other business owners with their search reputation. His company Kosoma Publishing focuses on video and audio production and online promotion. He has a recording studio in Oklahoma, and has recorded many songs and jingles as well as music for his client’s video and ad spots.

“We do a lot of work for a local sports network that broadcasts high school sports. We do commercials for those games” West explained.

West says the markets he has traded for years have really changed, and that even pro floor traders have had a hard time with them. “We trade mostly NADEX options now. I’ll always be trading something. I love that, and I also love to create music and videos” West told us.

If your company needs professional help with getting search engine rankings using video, contact Doug West of Kosoma Publishing via his web site at:

Have you had trouble with Ripoff Report and the crook owner Ed Magedson – don’t fall for his criminal extortion where he wants to charge you Thousands of dollars to remove his often false information, please see:

During Wild Times In Market – NADEX The Only Way To Trade

The last couple weeks of August, 2015, and into September brought on some Wild (Central Bankers war) times in the markets worldwide!

If you have ever experienced a flash or crash that took you out of your trade, and left you setting on the sidelines with a quick BIG loss, you will appreciate trading NADEX options instead of more conventional vehicles such as Futures or Forex contracts.

With inexpensive NADEX options you can just ride right on through the turmoil and take your profit when it is there. AND, when the markets are moving up and down like they have, there WILL be a time that your profit is there. The only question is, will you be in the market when that comes? Tough to do (ride out HUGE losses) with conventional contracts.

Another thing you can do with inexpensive NADEX contracts is to take a position on both sides of a market. Indices, FOREX, Commodities or whatever. With NADEX you can set up a straddle play on that market, and if it moves BIG in either direction, you can cash in! Sometimes you can profit on both sides with huge market swings.

If the market just moves big in one direction, you will earn enough to pay off the losing side. If later it turns back the other direction – Anything you take from the other side adds to your profit picture on the trade. Something you just can’t do with traditional contracts.

There is yet another strategy where you can take advantage of huge moves in the market, where you only get in after the move starts. We would like to send you a report on that particular strategy that walks you through it step by step. To get your copy quickly go to:

Protect yourself, and still profit from Wild Times with NADEX!

Why Trade Futures or FOREX Contracts When You Have NADEX?

Now that NADEX is open in nearly 50 countries, why would you want to trade a futures or FOREX contract when you can get inexpensive options on them? NADEX offers the top currency pairs, and the most popular futures contracts too.

You can trade binary options on these and more markets. They have 5 minute binary options, 20 minute, daily, weekly and more.

NADEX also offers an option they call a spread. Futures traders, especially those who trade indices will want to take a look at these. You can get a 100 point spread, and 300 point, and even a 400 point spread. You can profit from those ranges in your trades. In other words, if you get into a 210 point mini DOW run, and 300 point spread will allow you to capitalize on the move. If you expect the DOW to run more than 300 points, you might want to take the slightly more expensive 400 point daily spread.

If your trade moves against you, with a futures trade you will probably need to get out and look for another entry point. With NADEX, you can just wait if you want to see if the market comes back your way. You know the max loss going in (and that can be as low as $10), so you may just want to ride it out and see what happens later in the day. The fact that the NADEX play is an inexpensive option gives you that ability. Something you should NEVER do on a live futures trade. With NADEX you can even average if you want to.

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Now there is No Reason to use the unregulated binary brokers any more! NADEX just launched in over 40 countries. Now folks from all over the world will have access to the same great NADEX features that we have had here in the states.

We have known for some time that NADEX was going to GroW, but this puts that growth in overdrive. There has never been a better time to get started than Right Now trading with NADEX.

We even want to give you a FREE strategy that you can put to use right away. Try it out on the free demo account until you are comfortable doing it live.

Remember, with NADEX you can start with just $100.. Tired of unregulated binary brokers scamming you? You Need NADEX. Watch the video below, and then click on the link below it to get a FREE step-by-step strategy that you can put to use NOW!

Here are the Countries NADEX is now in:

Czech Republic
Hong Kong
Isle Of Man
New Zealand
Russion Federation
South Africa
United Kingdom

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